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Angelina Jolie


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United Kingdom
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English, Russian, basic German
At the present considered as the best UK Angelina Jolie lookalike.

\"Jesus, Angelina, WOW\"
These are the words Sienna Taylor has become used to hearing since Angelina Jolie became an international superstar...
Sienna is the best Angelina Jolie lookalike in the world - considering her facial features, her perfect athletic body and her dynamic, gracious, tiger-like manner.
She started her career as an Angelina lookalike and soon became famous for her excellent performance of the Lara Croft character. Besides being unique and an almost identical lookalike, Sienna is a beautiful model in her own right due to her trademark provocative, super sexy, though still demure photos in her lingerie/swim suits and other brave though stylish outfits.

Sienna is avialable as:
1) Model: catwalk, lingerie, editorial, fashion.
2) Actress
3) Angelina Jolie lookalike
4) The most glamorous Russian/English Interpreter with deep knowledge of etiquette for business/entertainment events.
5) Presenter

Sienna is a real professional, a nice person with a great Russian-British sense of humour and without diva attitudes. With sport school, acting school and bachelor degree in English she feels comfortable in any circumstances and always finds a way to make anything she does perfect and unique.


recent jobs:
Part in filming for the opening VT for the New Game Station game,

Taking part in Cancer Charity event
Photosession with multi award winning photographer Gary Coulson(published and nominated for photographer of the Year 2008);
Photosession with Madonna impersonator with professional Italian photographer/video maker Franz Soprani
Catwalk and photosession in London for Kiereka Couture designer Dawn Okonkwo
star role in a film Vampire diaries,
photosession for indian magazin;
Lara Croft/ Angelina at events - permanently...

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