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United States
Born and raised in the Detroit area, Mark grew up during the height of Beatlemania. He's compiled one of the largest collections of rare Beatles audio & video in the Midwest along with an impressive collection of 60's memorabilia and guitars
Mark had the pleasure of seeing the Beatles perform "live" in concert in Detroit & New York!

Mark worked as a commercial artist in the 70's, until venturing behind the radio microphone 20 years ago. A long-time popular northern Michigan radio personality, Mark has entertained audiences at numerous events, festivals and clubs.

A long-time Beatles & music memorabilia collector-historian, Mark's portrayal of John Lennon has been called "spot on" by dedicated fans. His authentic singing style and Liverpudlian accent receive the "thumb's up" from the likes of George Harrison's sister Louise, English guitar afficianado Sir John Pearse & the premier Beatles look-alike band "1964 the Tribute."

Mark performs in full costume and plays authentic-style guitars that were used by John Lennon including the famous Gibson J160e, Epiphone Casino, Gibson J-200, Martin Acoustic, 12 string & Dobro guitars.

Four thousand enthusiastic fans witnessed Mark's tribute to John Lennon in Cleveland at Abbey Road on the River, the big 3 day Beatles Music & Arts Festival held in conjunction with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. George Harrison's sister Louise commented, "I thought they were playing John's records over the sound system!"

"Home" is Traverse City, Michigan where Mark, wife Jan, and son Christian enjoy Lake Michigan beaches, gardening, cooking, travelling and meeting Beatle people.

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