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For many years, Suzanne's talent touched many aspects of show business such as theaters, television, hotels, cruise ships and conventions. She traveled around the world as a dancer, director and singer before realizing her resemblance to Liza Minnelli.

Once she did, Suzanne studied the multi-talented Legend to perfection and for the last decade she has been impersonating her favorite performer in shows like "Legends in Concert", "Hollywood Superstars", "Legends Live" and in her own tribute shows. She went back to travel the world (as she did when she was a dancer) this time as "Die zwite Liza Minnelli" (the 2nd Liza Minnelli) like the press nicknamed her in Germany, enjoying every second of it!

Her first show with "Legends in Concert" was at Bally's Grand in Atlantic City in 1994 and she returned to AC with "Legends" in 1996 to perform at Bally's Park Place. Between these 2 contracts, she was performing at the Sands Hotel & Casino in Puerto Rico in the "Legends Live" show.

In 1996, she produced and performed her own tribute to the Legend, a show with 2 dancers at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin which she took later on at the Alhambra Casino in Aruba. This led her in 1999 to a bigger production engagement with 4 dancers, at the Aruba Holiday Inn and the show was now called "A Moment with Liza".

In the year 2000, she made a come back with "Legends in Concert" performing on the Rembrandt of Premier Cruise Line, then at their own theater in Myrtle Beach and finally at the Imperial Palace of Las Vegas in 2001. She is very proud of the reviews she received during her 8 months run in this Vegas venue. She also performed at their theater in Branson in 2002.

In 2003, she directed and co-stared in a new production show "Judy & Liza, Together Again". After its initial 3-month run at the New Port Hotel in Miami Beach, the show had great success at places like "Foxwoods" Casino, CT, Coral Spring Center of the Arts, FL. Roma Nova & the Nevelle Resorts in the Catskills, the Stranahan Theatre in Toledo, OH. and on the Nordic Empress of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Suzanne started the year of 2004 performing a 30--min. version of "Judy & Liza, Together Again" in the "Legends in Concert" show in Myrtle Beach, SC. The mother/daughter team was a different concept for Legends and people loved it. Then, Suzanne finally brought her show "A Moment with Liza" in the USA. She performed it at the Polo Club in Boca Raton, FL at the Angel Theatre in New Port Richey, FL. where she got excellent reviews in the Tampa Tribune, then twice at the Players theatre in Sarasota, FL and at the Eischel museum in Guatemala.

Suzanne attended the Sunburst Convention in November 2004, and won the award for "Best Visual and Characterization of a Legend".

The beginning of the year 2005 kept Suzanne very busy with "Judy & Liza, Together Again". The show was performed in McAllen, TX, in Toledo, OH, in Indianapolis, at many places in Florida including the beautiful Savannah Center Theatre in Ocala and finally on a tour that took her to Buffalo, NY, to Windber, PA, to the famous Stage West Theatre in Misissagua, ON in Canada. In the summer, she enjoyed performing with the Rat Pack in the famous Milwaukee Italian Festival and the one in Chicago. In the fall, she joined the "Legends in Concert" show at the Hard Rock Casino in Florida and she finished the year by performing in the Christmas show of "Stars in Concert" in Berlin, Germany.

With her partner "Julie Sheppard" as Judy Garland she started 2006 with a successful run at the Regent Theatre, in Arlington, MA and at the Odium Theatre in Greenwich, RI. After taking residence in Las Vegas in March, she won the award for Outstanding Performance (Pop & Rock) at the Reel Awards in Palm Springs, CA. She participated in Bea Fogelman's Show of Shows in downtown Las Vegas in August and finished the year performing in the Legends Christmas show in Myrtle Beach, SC.

In 2007, she joined the Rat Pack show in Chicago for 4 shows before doing a 3-month gig with "Legends in Concert" in Branson, MO. In June, she was thrilled to perform a new show, co-produced with ARB Productions, called "Frank, Liza & Sammy, A Tribute- The Ultimate Concert". Accompanied by 7 musicians, they played 6 shows in Buffalo, NY Missisagua, ON and Hamilton, ON. In the summer "Judy & Liza, Together Again" was presented at the Players Theater in Sarasota and "A Moment with Liza" was featured in the annual "Basically Broadway" in Boston, MA. Suzanne also returned to the "Festa Italiana"in Milwaukee in July. In Oct.& Nov. she was excited to be back in Atlantic City for a 2-month gig with "Legends in Concert" at Resorts Casino.

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