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Lurch (Addams Family)


United Kingdom
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Gary was born a stones throw away from Wallsend (which is famous for the end of the Roman wall),
Newcastle Upon Tyne in the U.K, weighing in at a good 15 pounds. (Butchers scales were needed to weigh him).
So when you see him today it’s not surprising he now weighs at a hefty 25 stones and stands 7’ 3\'\' tall,
along with a 56 chest and 42 waist.

You’ll be surprised to learn for although being a big baby, Gary was just an average size guy for half of his life,
(but always with a very big heart.)
It was not until his late teens he developed a life threatening condition called acromegaly,
a hormonal disorder produced by the pituitary gland which produces excess growth hormone.
After 3 life threatening brain operations, the disorder is now controlled by drugs.

His condition did not stop him from becoming one of the North East top chefs,
and he even cooked for Queen Elizabeth II on one occasion.
Throughout his career as a top Chef he has learnt and mastered an age old craft of Lard sculpting,
a skill few chefs’ posses these days.
As well as being a top class chef Gary was also a super heavyweight boxer, and has been known to wrestle in his time. Whilst working as a chef a lot of people commented on how very much he resembled Jaws (from the James Bond films).

He has now turned the comments made around and made a career as an up and coming actor as well as doing work as a successful look alike.
Gary has rubbed shoulders and worked with a wide range of stars, ranging from Des O’Connor, Lennox Lewis,
and Madonna to name but a few.
He has played the second lead roll in a huge blockbuster movie in France called Le Boulet which has been a great success in France, Spain, Germany and Japan.
He’s also stared in a new comedy caper gangster film called Baby Juice Express which has an all British cast and due for release fairly soon.

He has appeared on television programmes and stared in the series Moll Flanders in which he played a prisoner in Newgate Prison.
The 10th Kingdom saw him playing a troll along side Jimmy Nail a fellow Geordie.
As well as working hard as an up and coming actor, Gary also does a lot of appearances for charities for which he has been highly praised for the happiness he brings to events. Everywhere Gary goes, he pulls in the crowds and gets a stupendous reaction from all those around him.

He is indeed a unique gentle giant with a kind and generous heart.

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